Strainz Pt. 2


Supposedly a Dream enhancer, it should be noted that Mugwort is not Cannabis. I purchased a Bag of it though to observe it’s Effects, Updates soon. (4 Hours later)… I mixed my experience with Cannabis and I did have some heavy Dreams, but don’t remember them. will try again later… (Try Number 2)… Daytime Try, so nothing really that can be measured dream wise, but does seem to have a sedading effect that wears off after about an Hour. …Will post more soon.


(Medical Blend) Critical Kush, Critical Cure, CBD Wonder.

Normally, due to a lack of specificity at times with Blends, we don’t post them, but in this such occasion, be it the provider of said blend is a credible grower and provider, I give this One a pass with all of the provided Names of the Strains in the Mix. After 3 Weeks at a Rate of an 8th a Day on that Critical Kush my Tolerance was to a point that I couldn’t reach a buzz Stage. Luckily my provider Friend said that all I needed was to try this Blend and that it has more Sativa. without reluctance I tried it. It definitely has a stronger Head High then the previous, and I’ve only been smoking about 3 Grams a Day since I started, but after only a Week I’m noticing I’m developing a lot of Control on what still seems to be getting me to where I want to go, I do want to function but I also want to be stoned. It does bring you down to where you want to sit but just mellow, not to where you feel you need to sleep. I’m having some balance issues… 


An Indica and a Kush, strictly for Sleep and colored Blue, this Bud is designed to knock you on your Ass. I spent 3 Days smoking this with my Grower Friend. it definitely incapacitates you if your not used to it. It has a few Depressive Side Effects, Depressive being a Neutral Word. One of these such Effects I noticed was a Compulsion to be introverted and create internal Dialogue which for Me can be irritating be it I deal with this as an Issue and quite Regularly be it the Basket Case I am, but it was not a Dialogue based on Stress rather Revelation so it was a pleasant feeling. I had a lot I needed to make peace with, a lot of changes and different choices I have made in my Life helping me move forward and with this Bud it was easier, It seemed to clear Pathways and help me think. Another Effect worth Mentioning is the Couchlock… This was my First Experience with this, and My Grower Friend was having the same Effect, His Couch is rather uncomfortable Walmart Furniture but for the 2 Hours I was Stoned, Moving around a lot wasn’t on my Mind.

OVERALL: Headhigh = 4.5 Body = 8.0, Mostly Lethargy, not so much a Head High at all…


White Widow for 2.15.17.jpg

White Widow:

A Hybrid, Meant to be a 50/50 Mix though there will always be a dominant Side. It definitely is a Mix with the lethargy effects that something like Blueberry would give you and a Euphoria with a High that has an added Introspective Nature to it. Light Headed at times yet can remain productive… Its 8:33AM EST and I just hit it for the First time Today. It’s just above 0 Degrees C outside and I’m guaranteed to go out if not for the sake of productivity, but since I lit up, I’ve had this pleasant nagging feeling that I must head out and if nothing else just walk around and enjoy the Day. I am in a very positive Space yet still a bit stressed about Life. After the use of a Grinder to ensure a smooth smoke; and because I’m too lazy to finger break it as it is too sticky for me too right now, It only seemed to take 3 hits to get me baked which says something about the Strain as I have a massive tolerance from smoking an Ounce a Week for 2 Months now. I would definitely recommend this for Veteran smokers and not a 16 Year old Kid looking to wake and blaze right before Class. 

Head: 6 Body: 6



This One took some Time to write about as it was not at all a memorable Experience, I was told that it’s 17% THC, in 1975 this kind of Bud would wreck your Mind, sadly a lot has changed. Perhaps The Name is to imply a “Headband” …Something you can easily take with you. I couldn’t imagine myself having issues carrying myself on this. The Bud in The Picture is fresh, had been recently grown but was well smoke-worthy.

 Overall: HEAD: 3.5 BODY: 3.5



Very heavy stuff… had to bail on my Friend who grows it, Twice… Sleep was a must. Munchies were a must… without making a Story out of it, this is some end of Day Material at least for me it was.

Overall: Muh Head Highz: 6 / Body Buzz: 8

Incredible Bulk

Incredible Bulk

At The end of of Week Long Bender give or take, I wake up to smoke on The Last of this Bud, still holding onto its Potency through the Booze and Hangover*** (needs edits)

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