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Strain Directory aims to Provide a Gallery of Cannabis per Strain for Identification purposes. Each picture was taken at different Times however they are ordered in The Chronological Order which they were taken. and each Picture is from a Different Batch.


AG Pic#2.JPG

Acapulco Gold 

Been out to dry for 3 Weeks but was properly stored so I’m not too concerned about the potency… plus back in the 70’s shit was about if even a 10th as strong… 2 Minutes in listening to The Doors I’m already feeling the head rush, completely functional which is a powerful feat for someone who has been up for 3 days minus Six hours… (30 Minutes Later) — Had a Mild Anxious Head Trip but it was more revealing then instead having to go into damage control mode to save the High… it should noted that I personally am susceptible to those experiences regardless. It was a sortof moment of introspection that wasnt capable before my altered State of Consciousness. It was also helpful to me at the Time because my head was focused on only One thing for Days which was contributing to discontent. It does no matter how it makes my Body feel; Cannabis in General and not just the Kind, contributes to the Higher functioning of my mind at a more calm State. However I have never found myself dependent on it. I have in Satire and for my own amusement referred to it alot in my Internet commentary. In reality I have long before I used it, developed a system of Self Management and would never host a Dependency to it. I believe Ppl who are Susceptible to any form of addiction either it be Pills Prescribed or otherwise is a result of One who has never been taught or learned skills of self management. This is Common in our Society especially Today where Ppl are Poorer and becoming more dependent on our System of government which overall contributed to it. I donnot believe this is 100% malicious in its intent but it is a natural result of how the System is Designed be it a system for Profit and not by people. )<><>(10 Minutes later my Landlord walks in after I hit it One more time just cause… I handled it very well, I’m still very functional, good Herbal here… my preference in testing Strains is to find One that I can smoke and Live on.  It never made sense to Me to use a Plant that you can go outside or be interrupted on. So you basically don’t want to be retarded, you must have a Life yes? or at least you don’t want your Parents coming in and being like… “So what the Fuck are you doing Fox” “Are you High Fox?” Hahahaha…  or your Landlord.  Woah… it’s 3:17 PM. I’m about as high as I’m going to get, all the rage is released and I’m only left with inner peace and quiet and clarity I hadn’t felt in a Week. I’m about an Hour in and Listening to Air ===> 

 Will Upload these Files straight to Site soon for you just to play, forget copyright…  2 Hours later My Friend stopped by with an OZ For 50$ and after a bit I couldn’t differentiate between The Critical Kush and the AG, The Kush was an Indica… and only another Few Hours in I cashed out. 

OVERALL: Headhigh = 6.5 Body = 4.0, And very uplifting



Critical Kush

Pretty Stony, Definitely an Indica, hard to wake and bake on this. It is about 4AM though so I have mixed feelings about why I’m still tired having crashed though at 9PM. About to pack another Bowl of this It’s not my preference in the functionality of it. But its definitely what you’d want if your using it for sleep or you’ve checked out for the Day. (Hour Later)… Honestly I don’t know if I can Handle anymore of this, It’s very heavy. Its going to make Travel difficult. Have the Munchies, I have to go to Walmart and pick up something healthy though, and the real challenge will be waiting to get to where we are going before eating it. So far my experience with this is alot of Couchlock. I’m about to travel to Northern Maine for 3 Days and will be packing some of this to go and using it quite moderately. I will update this page as I go… (3 Days but whats feel like Hours later)… was unable to keep updates or find motivation. this stuff is definitely the cure for insomnia… Good luck piloting on this…. (The next Day)…  I Have alot moar of this Bud and will post little bits of Info about it as I burn it up. This will definitely help my Bus ride to Portland and back Today. (8 Hours later)…  All I can remember is this…  Jar of something that will make Hours disappear  Enjoy . . .

Later on that Day… Lol, Time is hard to judge, but I’d say this is a 2 Week Note.

(Just as a Sidenote, I have been smoking an 8th a Day for the past 2 Weeks of this Kush and my Tolerance is to the point that I cant get High anymore. Highly Beneficial for Medical patients looking to function.  But may take longer due to the fact that I consumed alot more than the average Medical Patient…)critical-kushz-jar

OVERALL: Headhigh = 6.5 Body = 8, It’s hard to function and hold together thought processes. Great for sleep and finding a Place of being content. I have however developed a tolerance to it over the past Week and a Half – 2 Weeks.  And the Headhigh is much weaker then it was to a 3.5 at best.


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