Specs on dat Green Bud


Facts About Cannabis

Marijuana, Pot, Weed, Grass, Ganja, Herbage, Bud, Cheeba, Mary Jane, Reefer, 
Intoxicant, Stimulant, Psychedelic, Depressant
A Green and contentious plant with varying effects Typically depending on either it be a Sativa or Indica. With increasing usage and decriminalization taking place across the U.S. and the World a better understanding has come about it placing it along side substances like Alcohol and Caffeine. 

Cannabis if smoked

Total Duration
1 – 5 hrs
0 – 10 mins
After Effects
6 – 24 hrs
Hangover / Day After

Cannabis (Oral)

Total Duration
4 – 10 hrs
30 – 120 mins
After Effects
6 – 12 hrs
Hangover / Day After


Improved Mood, Anxiety Relief, Pain Relief, Introversion, Increased Ambition or Opposite Effect depending


Change in Consciousness, Fatigue and/or Lethargy, Change in Vision, Increased Appetite, Dry Mouth, Cheek and/or Jaw Tension, Racing Thoughts


Respiratory Problems, Memory Problems during Times of use, Loss of Coordination, Anxiety, Confusion, Headaches



It is worth noting that the first large age cohort (people who were in their teens between 1967 and 1980) of heavy, frequent cannabis smokers in the United States is only now reaching the age at which many serious health complications occur.

For many years, anti-cannabis campaigns have included the theory that the use of cannabis causally leads to use and abuse of other recreational psychoactives. This “Gateway Theory” is now considered a debunked myth, with dozens of scientific papers showing that other factors cause the correlation and cannabis use itself does not cause the use of other drugs. Even the DEA has abandoned this theory. – Erowid

A large, well-designed study of tens of thousands of hospital patients found that cannabis use does not cause cancers of the airway and lungs.7,8,9,10
In 2013, a comprehensive review of all studies on regular use of cannabis and lung health and found that although regular cannabis use was associated with airway irritation and increased bronchitis, it is not associated with with the development of lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, or bullous lung disease. The author, Donald Tashkin writes:

“Habitual use of marijuana alone does not appear to lead to significant abnormalities in lung function, Findings from a limited number of well-designed epidemiological studies do not suggest an increased risk of either lung or upper airway cancer from light or moderate use. Overall, the risks of pulmonary complications of regular use of marijuana appear to be relatively small and far lower than those of tobacco smoking.” (Tashkin 2013) – Erowid

Herb can also be used to treat some symptoms of People with cancer and the effects of Chemotherapy. Can also be used to treat Glaucoma by reducing Ocular pressure.


This one can be tricky, I personally can consume copious amounts of Cannabis and actually smoke myself into a State of sobriety which is not a myth by the way… However be it this panel should be not so much reserved for my particular tolerance or even tolerance itself, it should be noted that everyone is different but here are the General doses for newbies. Potency has increased quite a bit over the past couple decades and I’ve watched even the most veteran smoker be knocked on His or Her Ass… generally a single Hit is all you need to test it. A “Hit, Toke Or Rip” is about 1/20 A Gram depending on how hard you pulled a Rip and what your using to Smoke be it a Bong or a Bowl. It is advisable for Beginners to start with .5 Grams a Day smoked slowly throughout the Day, thats about a Joints worth. Just a reminder, there is no unsafe Dose. 

There is however potency and residual traces which can be tested for and if your still looking for a Job it is advisable to avoid Cannabis Altogether unless you are confident that you can cleanse Yourself in time for your Screening. A regular User will take 2-3 Weeks to be free from Trace, Infrequent Users about 72 Hrs. – 1 Week. And hardcore everyday’ers like, an 8th a Day Motherfuckers will take a Month give or take. . . 

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